Over  the weekend, I went to the store for buy origami paper. I got the origami paper that has 180 sheets for about $2. Then I went home, sat at my desk, and watched YouTube videos on how to make origami. I also researched how to make them. I watched several videos and researched for about 15 minutes.
                Once I thought I knew how to make them, I tried and i made it correctly. I made a cat head and a body. It isn't difficult to make, you just need the instructions. When I first saw it, I got confused, but i got the hang of it later. The website i got the instructions from are very easy to understand. I also made a rabbit, but that didn't turn out well. I took pictures of my cat and emailed it to me.

                 The easiest part about my project was getting the materials and watched the videos and researching. The difficult part was learning how to fold it correctly and drawing their faces and body. The materials i needed was origami paper and writing utensils. I worked on my project in my room. On the back of my pack of origami paper, there were instructions. I also looked up on Google for tutorials and pictures. I watched several YouTube videos on how to make origami.



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    December 2012